Auschwitz historians deliver righteous smackdown to right-winger for linking Obama to Holocaust
Kurt Schlichter appears on Fox News (Screen cap).

What happens when a Trump-loving pundit tries to argue about Holocaust history with the Auschwitz memorial?

That's what happened this week when Townhall columnist and Ret. Army Colonel Kurt Schlichter said that any Jewish person who supported John Kerry's speech on the dangers of expanding Israeli settlements "would have made a fine helper at Auschwitz."

Schlichter's rant drew the attention of none other than the official Auschwitz Museum Twitter account, which told him that he shouldn't invoke the horrors of the Holocaust simply as a club to bash his political enemies.

Rather than conceding the point and keeping quiet, Schlichter doubled down and said the memorial was wrong to question his knowledge of history.

This drew instant howls of indignation from many of Schlichter's Twitter followers, who ruthlessly mocked him for trying to lecture the Auschwitz memorial on Holocaust history.