CNN host grills RNC spokesman over conflicts of interest: Trump Tower cameras aren’t ‘transparency'
Kate Bolduan CNN (screenshot, YouTube)

In a heated CNN interview on Wednesday morning, host Kate Bolduan lost it over Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer's repeated claims that the Trump transition has been transparent, Mediaite reports.

Bolduan didn't waste any time. She started their conversation with noting how Donald Trump Jr. interviewed candidates for Sec. of Interior, that Eric Trump sat in on at least one meeting with Mitt Romney, and Ivanka Trump sat in on a meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister.

"Is this the level of family involvement that the country should expect going forward?" Bolduan asked. In the weeks since Donald Trump's victory, there have been many questions regarding "conflict of interests," namely that his family has been involved both in Trump business dealings, as well as in matters of the transition.

Spicer called the process "totally transparent," because all of the Trumps involved in the transition are listed on the website. However, Bolduan pressed further, questioning whether they should be involved in both the business and the transition.

The RNC spokesman commented on how "shady" dealings arise when people attempt to keep certain things from the public, but the Trump camp has done the opposite. He even cited the livestream of Trump Tower as an example to drive that point home.

"We have a camera for goodness sake. Every single person who goes into Trump Tower, you get to see them go up, come down, they talk to the press," Spicer said.

Bolduan shot back, "A camera in the elevator bank of Trump Tower does not negate conflict of interest."

Watch the full clip below.