CNN's Tapper battles Israeli official who won't admit disputed settlements are disputed
CNN's Jake Tapper and Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett (Screen capture)

On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the United States cannot stand idly by while Israel violates international law by continuing to build settlements on the contested West Bank of the Jordan River.

Mediaite reported that CNN's Jake Tapper interviewed Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett and was frustrated by Bennett's refusal to acknowledge that Israel's settlements in the territories might be in any way considered occupations of disputed territory.

Bennett said that he personally has been fighting terrorist insurgencies against Israel for more than 20 years. The Israeli people, he said, have called Jerusalem their capital and Israel their home for 4,000 years.

"One cannot occupy his own home," Bennett insisted.

He went on to say, "We’ve been here for thousands of years. We’re staying here. We’re going to live side-by-side in peace, with the Arabs here.”

“You’re proving my point,” Tapper said. “Because you’re even disputing the idea it’s occupied territory or settlements, which the entire international community with the exception of the Netanyahu government thinks it is.”

"Absolutely I'm disputing that," Bennett said. "How long have you Americans been living in America? A few hundred years. How long have Jews been living in the Holy Land? 4,000 years, so how dare anyone call the land of Israel 'occupied territory.'"

Watch the video, embedded below: