Denver neighborhood rallies to boot out neo-Nazis who are 'terrorizing' everyone
Neo-Nazis protest at Pomona City Hall in 2011 (Screen cap).

Residents of a Denver neighborhood say that they're being "terrorized" by a group of neo-Nazis who live there -- and they're doing everything they can to get them to leave.

Local news station ABC 7 Denver reports that residents of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver are up in arms about a skinhead group that lives in an old building and that is making life miserable for everyone around them.

According to police records, officers have responded to complaints about the neo-Nazis at their home 11 different times over the past year, and one local shop owner tells ABC 7 Denver that they have been permanently banned from two different local bars.

Several store owners tell the news station they're planning to enact a neighborhood-wide ban on the group in the hopes that they will take the hint and move out of the neighborhood once they have no place left to buy food and other essential items.

Nonetheless, not everyone in the neighborhood dislikes the neo-Nazi gang. A man name Simon Lofts, who rents office space next to the neo-Nazis' building, says that they do more good than harm for the community.

"They keep the neighborhood clean, they sweep the streets," he said. "They have a couple of dogs that are very friendly, just nice people."

Watch a video report on the Denver Nazi group below.