'Desperate' Trump is scrambling to find a Latino to fill some cabinet position: report
Donald Trump, Jr with Donald Trump and Eric Trump (Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com)

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump infamously tweeted out a photo of himself eating a taco bowl with the caption, "I love Hispanics!"

So far, however, that purported "love" for Hispanics hasn't translated into any cabinet appointments for his incoming presidential administration.

Politico reports that Trump and his team are making a last-minute scramble to add some Latino to his cabinet to make it slightly more diverse than the mostly white cabinet that he's set up so far.

"They're desperate to find a Latino for [The Department of Agriculture]," one Trump donor anonymously told the publication, although Politico notes that the agricultural industry has been resistant to endorse Trump's prospective candidates because he and his team "have reached out to candidates who are part-Latino and have no experience in agriculture."

Mario Rodriguez, head of the Latino PAC Hispanic 100, tells Politico that Trump's desire to put a Latino in his cabinet is genuine and isn't just about appointing a token minority to a symbolic post.

"I can tell you now I have spoken to numerous folks on the transition, and they say that he’s absolutely looking for qualified Latinos for a Cabinet post," he said. "He wants to put a Latino in the Cabinet, he’s not doing it just for show."