Eric Trump claims Wisconsin recount killed 'at least 5,000 children' -- and gets pounded on Twitter
Eric Trump (Fox News)

Eric Trump, the son of President-elect Donald Trump, asserted over the weekend that "at least 5,000 children" had died due to an effort to verify the election outcome in Wisconsin.

In a tweet on Sunday, Eric Trump said that the "sad truth" was that "the cost Of Stein/Clinton's #Wisconsin vote recount could have saved at least 5,000 children's lives."

The tweet included a link to a Forbes column by conservative writer Chris Conover, who argues that Green Party candidate Jill Stein should have redirected the $3.5 million spent on the recount to malaria prevention for children.

Many commenters on Twitter fired back at Trump, noting that thousands of children could also be saved with the millions of dollars the U.S. government is paying for Donald Trump's security in New York.