'F*ck him': Kathy Griffin heckles Megyn Kelly for Trump praise at Women in Entertainment event
Comedian Kathy Griffin

Megyn Kelly delivered opening remarks at the Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment event where she was met with boos from comedian Kathy Griffin, Mediaite reports.

Kelly spoke about the importance of giving President-elect Donald Trump a chance to lead the country. "I have high hopes for him, despite the tweets and all the rest of it," Kelly said. "There is much to admire about Donald Trump."

That's when Griffin can be heard "boo-ing."

"There it is," Kelly responded, telling the audience, "Stop that, stop that."

Kelly continued, noting that there is room for the "loyal opposition in this country, absolutely." Griffin didn't stop, though. "F*ck him," she said.

"Guess who that is? Kathy Griffin, everybody," Kelly said.

She continued, explaining that the sooner we understand why Trump won this election, "the better off we'll be as a country." She also noted that "when and if the dark forces rear their ugly heads, we must maintain our dignity as a people and as women."

"We must reject the urge to fight with pigs ... That's actually been one of my number one lessons of the past year."