Fox News doctor: President Trump will lower suicide rates because he’ll ‘make people feel good'
Kevin Campbell (Mediaite, screenshot)

Dr. Kevin Campbell joined Fox News host Jenna Lee on Thursday afternoon to discuss health care under the Trump administration, as well as growing suicide and drug overdose rates facing the country, Mediaite reports.

Lee read in a Wall Street Journal piece that researchers identified "rising death rates in white, middle aged Americans driven largely by increases in death from suicide, drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, and chronic liver disease."

"What's your read on that?" she asked.

"I think there's been a lot of hopelessness in this country," Campbell explained. "And the opioid addiction problem has been huge. That's been a huge cause of death."

He continued, "We have to give our kids hope again, and I'm hoping with the new administration we can do that. Make people feel good about what's going on, support our children, support our seniors, make sure everyone feels like they got a fighting chance."

Campbell seemed to believe that Trump's White House would provide hope for Americans across the country. However, various suicide prevention hotlines were flooded with phone calls on election night following Trump's victory.

"As the evening wore on, we saw a doubling of calls," John Draper, the Director of New York's National Suicide Prevention Lifeline told VICE. "We had about a 140 percent increase over normal number of calls. At 1 AM alone, 166 people called in, which is something we haven't typically seen."

Watch Dr. Campbell's full remarks below.