Fox pundit orders Michelle Obama to shush about Trump: 'Just smile and be helpful to Melania'
Morgan Ortagus (Fox Business/screen grab)

Morgan Ortagus, a frequent Fox Business pundit and national co-chair of Maverick PAC, asserted that First Lady Michelle Obama should "just smile and be helpful to Melania Trump" instead of voicing her concerns about the president-elect.

While speaking to Oprah Winfrey last week, the first lady reflected on the emotions of some Americans who she said were "feeling what not having hope feels like" after Donald Trump's 2016 victory.

Quoting a phrase often used by Michelle Obama, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo opined on Monday that Trump "went high while she went low."

"You could really hear the disdain in her voice," Ortagus agreed. "People need to understand the American people spoke, the Electoral College voted and it's time to move on. And the American people actually decided that it was a repudiation of the past eight years of the type of presidency that Barack Obama [had] and the policies he's ensued [sic]."

"You didn't hear Laura Bush saying anything eight years ago," the pundit continued. "She was gracious, she was classy, she was warm and welcoming to the new first family. And I think that Ms. Obama needs to take a cue from Laura Bush and probably just smile and be helpful to Melania Trump."

Recon Capital CIO Kevin Kelly snarked that "there is no hope for those people that rely on the government for everything."

"There is no hope for the last eight years," he insisted. "Whatever happened under it is gone."

"What really just irked me about the [Michelle Obama] interview is I thought it was really inappropriate," Ortagus remarked. "If I were in her position, I would think she should be helping the incoming first lady, the incoming administration. It's a huge transition for the first family. Melania Trump has a young son, she had young children. Let's focus on the positive and help the new first family transition."

"It doesn't feel like the other side understands or really cares what the American people just voted for," Bartiromo concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox Business, broadcast Dec. 19, 2016.