Internet howls after newspaper accidentally prints string of 'F-bombs' in restaurant review
Frustrated office worker (

An English language newspaper in Mumbai, India accidentally published a string of "F-words" in an otherwise mundane article about local restaurants on Thursday. said that the Mumbai Mirror's copyeditor must have overlooked what was meant to be a note for the layup team.

In a listing of romantic restaurants, the Mirror invited readers to "indulge in fire cracker rolls (F*ck f*ck f*ck, just saying f*ck so you notice that you have to select one picture and mention which pic lalala), cherry-smoked chicken and truffle koftas" in a blurb about Chef Farrokh Khambata's restaurant Amadeus.

The copyeditor, sadly, didn't notice.

As Mediaite noted, "Placeholder text is common. Sometimes, editors forget to remove it."

Rarely, though, do such mistakes involve such colorful language.

Twitter users had a bit of fun with the error: