Joy Reid: Trump's favorability ratings are lower than any incoming president in history of poll
MSNBC's Joy Reid on Hardball (Screen capture)

On Monday night's Hardball, MSNBC's Joy Reid -- filling in for Chris Matthews -- revealed that a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll is showing that President-elect Donald Trump's favorability numbers are lower than any president's ever in the history of the poll.

"Forty percent of Americans have a positive view of President-elect Donald Trump," Reid said. "To put that into context, Trump's favorability a month before inauguration is actually the worst in the history of the NBC poll."

In 1992, she said, Pres. Bill Clinton had a 60 percent favorability rating coming into the White House. Pres. George W. Bush had a 48 percent favorability rating, even after the contentious recount battle. In 2008, Pres. Barack Obama was headed into office with a 67 percent approval rating.

This cuts into Trump's counterfactual claims that he has won a "historic" victory and his even more easily disproven boast that he won the popular vote.

Watch the video, embedded below: