Michigan firefighter canned after berating black woman with incredibly racist pro-slavery rant
Ryan Hudson, a former firefighter in Belding, Michigan, who was fired for a racist Facebook tirade (Screen cap via WOOD TV 8

A firefighter from Belding, Michigan has been fired from his job after going on a jaw-dropping racist rant against a black woman on Facebook.

Local news station Fox 17 reports that ex-Belding firefighter Ryan Hudson was fired from his job after his superiors learned that he got into a heated argument with a black woman on Facebook where he attacked her with profanity and racial slurs.

"F*ck Black Lives Matter," Hudson wrote after the woman posted a message in support of the group. "You are the epitome of a n*gger. All lives matter. And if you think it's just black lives, kiss my ass b*tch and go back to the fields that us in the north fought to free you from."

When called out by the woman over his racist rant, Hudson first tried to claim that his phone had been hacked, before later claiming he was intoxicated while he was angrily lashing out at her.

"Basically I wrote 'Black Lives Matter,' and that’s when he spelled out in no uncertain terms, because he’s now claiming he was drunk," she told Fox 17. "First he was hacked, now he’s drunk."

The fight with Hudson originally began after she responded to a Facebook post about Colin Kaepernick's protest against police brutality in which he takes a knee during the National Anthem.

Check out a video report on the incident below.