Morning Joe: Republicans who block Russian hack investigations are doing ‘disservice to their country'
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough has gone pretty easy on President-elect Donald Trump ever since his stunning election victory, but it seems even he isn't amused by Trump's repudiation of America's intelligence agencies this past weekend.

Reacting to Trump's dismissal of a reported CIA finding that the Russian government actively worked to help get him elected, Scarborough said that Trump was simply ensuring that this story will put a dark cloud over his administration for years to come.

"By attacking the CIA and claiming that nothing happened, and by claiming that it's a dude in Jersey listening to Bon Jovi on his Walkman, I'm saying that all that does is it makes sure that this is around for two more years," Scarborough said.

The Morning Joe co-host then said it was Republicans' and Democrats' patriotic duty to launch an investigation into Russian hacking to ensure the integrity of future elections.

"Republicans and Democrats alike need to get to the bottom of it," he said. "They need to get to the bottom of it now, and any Republican that is standing in the way of this investigation is doing a disservice to not only their party but to their country. It's not going away. There's nothing that Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell or any republican can do about it. let's get to the bottom of it as fast as possible."

Check out the whole clip below.