'N*gger genocide': Reporter finds hateful wi-fi name at Texas A&M white nationalist event
Richard Spencer (YouTube/screen grab)

Jeff Paul, a reporter for CBS affiliate KTVK in Dallas, attended a white nationalist event at Texas A&M this week and found a disturbing name when he tried to connect to wi-fi.

On Tuesday, white nationalist Richard Spencer spoke at the university after being invited by former student Preston Wiginton. Texas A&M officials have made it clear that the public university finds Spencer's views to be reprehensible.

Paul, who was covering the event on Tuesday, said that he found wi-fi with the shocking name when he tried to connect his computer to the Internet.

During his visit to Texas on Tuesday, Spencer praised President-elect Donald Trump as "a kind of alt-right hero."

Spencer told the crowd at the event that civilizations built by white Europeans -- including the United States -- were in danger because their racial identity was being lost.

"Whether it was nice or not, and I'm not going to deny there was a lot of brutality that went along with it, we won," Spencer said. "This country belongs to white people."

"Trump was the first step toward white identity politics in the United States," he added. "He is not going to be the last. The alt-right is a new beginning."

The event, which was described as "peaceful" by the university, drew over 1,000 protesters.

(h/t: Mashable)