Olbermann: Electoral College 'changes nothing' -- Trump still 'illegitimate' and 'unfit for the job'
Keith Olbermann discusses ways to resist the Trump presidency (Screen capture)

"Our long national nightmare is starting," said Keith Olbermann in a video released after the Electoral College vote on Monday.

"With the Electoral College presumably failing to do its duty as conceived under the Constitution -- we won't know officially until Jan. 6," Olbermann said, "Russia's puppet is now 'Puppet-elect,' so this changes everything."

"No," he said after a beat. "It changes nothing. These facts are the building blocks of resistance. He is still elected by a minority vote. He is still wholly unfit for the job, the man you would expect to find if you were searching for the person who could most quickly and efficiently destroy a democracy and maybe a planet."

"He is still a moving, breathing conflict of interest who will likely be guilty of the impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors within hours if not minutes of his own inauguration," Olbermann continued. "He is still a textbook case corrupt self-dealing come to life. He is still the leader of the most remarkable group of public 'serve yourself' servants ever assembled and most importantly, Trump is still, at best, the local distributor for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin."

Americans of good conscience, Olbermann said, must refuse to legitimize "illegitimate authority."

Watch the video, embedded below: