Robert Reich warns Americans of future under Trump: A tyrant who 'absorbs the trappings of power'
Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich appears on Democracy Now on Sept. 30, 2015.

Former Bill Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich joined Amy Goodman on Tuesday morning's Democracy Now! where Reich warned of where the country is headed under President-elect Donald Trump just one month out from his inauguration.

Donald Trump has advocated and normalized hateful behaviors of American people, Reich explained, both on and off the campaign trail. "He also does not have any understanding of a democracy," Reich said.

"If anything, his leanings are toward tyranny, and by tyranny I simply mean someone who absorbs the trappings of power but doesn't understand that he, in a democracy, is a public servant," Reich continued. "He is working for us, we are not working for him."

"In many ways Donald Trump seems to be indifferent, at best, to the democratic process," he said.

Goodman and Reich spoke to the ways that Trump has targeted the media, namely referring back to recent a post of Reich's about the ways tyrants aim to crumble democracy by delegitimizing and taking power away from the free press.

Reich listed the seven techniques that Trump has already employed to do so, which include the following:

  1. Berate the media
  2. Blacklist critical media
  3. Turn the public against the media
  4. Condemn satirical or critical comments
  5. Threaten the media directly
  6. Limit media access
  7. Bypass the media and communicate with the public directly

Reich spoke to each one on the segment. You can watch his full remarks below.

(H/t Mediaite)