Steelworkers Union president slams Trump for 'lying his ass off' about Carrier deal
(Photo: Dan Fleckner / Shutterstock)

The president of the steelworkers union representing Carrier employees said Donald Trump “lied his ass off” when he boasted about saving jobs at the Indianapolis, Indiana plant last Thursday.

Chuck Jones, who heads United Steelworkers 1999, told the Washington Post he originally felt optimistic about the deal the president-elect struck with United Technologies, the parent company that owns Carrier. But when he learned that that 550 members were still losing their jobs, he assumed Trump would use the Dec. 1 meeting to explain where his team fell short.

“But he got up there, and, for whatever reason, lied his ass off,” Jones said.

During his speech last week, Trump bragged about convincing Carrier to keep “over 1,100 people” at their Indianapolis plant—a move the president-elect called “so great.”

According to Jones, 350 of the 1,400 workers at the Carrier plant were never on the chopping block, while another 80 were non-union administrative positions. Despite this, United Technologies is receiving $7 million in tax credits from Indiana even as the parent company sends 700 factory jobs to Monterey, Mexico.

“Trump and Pence, they pulled a dog and pony show on the numbers,” Jones told the Post. “I almost threw up in my mouth.”