Teen girls accidentally broadcast their own deaths in car crash on Facebook Live
Brooke Hughes and Chaniya Morrison-Toomey were killed when their vehicle was struck from behind by a tractor trailer (Screen capture)

Two teen girls from Pennsylvania were broadcasting on Facebook Live at the moment of their deaths last week when a tractor trailer plowed into their car.

According to SFGate.com, Brooke Miranda Hughes, 18, and Chaniya Morrison-Toomey activated the video streaming service only seconds before the collision that killed them both on the night of Dec. 7.

The Associated Press said that the video, which has now been removed from Facebook, began with Morrison-Toomey asking, "Are you going live?"

Before Hughes answered, the car was flooded with lights from behind. There was the sound of screeching tires and then nothing but blackness for seven minutes before the phone went dead.

The two were traveling slowly because Hughes' car was riding on a spare emergency tire. The driver of the truck that overtook and plowed into the two girls was unhurt.

Investigators took a few days to determine why the car was traveling so slowly. Hughes' vehicle was badly damaged in the collision and subsequent fire.

Both girls were declared dead at the scene.

The AP said that while the video has been taken down from Facebook, police intend to use it in their investigation of the crash.

At this time, the driver of the truck has not been charged with any crime.

Watch video about this story, embedded below: