Texas begins $350 million Medicaid cuts -- and feds say it will be 'devastating' for disabled kids
Three children in kindergarten playing with building blocks and cars (Shutterstock)

The state of Texas this week reportedly began implementing $350 million in Medicaid cuts, which federal agencies have warned will be "devastating" to services provided to disabled children.

KXAS reported on Sunday that the $350 million in cuts to Medicaid program passed by the GOP-controlled legislature had taken effect.

Texas Health and Human Services Commission spokesperson Carrie Williams told the station that the cuts had been implemented to "achieve savings."

But a letter from the U.S. Department of Education earlier this month warned that 12 of the 47 providers participating in the Early Childhood Intervention program could discontinue offering services.

"If these groups do pull out of the program, it will be devastating for kids with autism, speech delays, Down syndrome, and other disabilities and delays," Texans Care for Children CEO Stephanie Rubin told the Herald Democrat in an email. "We know that these groups want to keep serving children and we know staff at [the Texas Health and Human Services Commission] is working hard on this, but the Legislature needs to make sure the funding is in place."

Williams, however, insisted to KXAS that the state's Health and Human Services Commission would "monitor the reduction of rates to ensure access to care is not impacted."