'Trump 2016,' swastika and N-word written on car in second incident at Temple University
A vehicle at Temple University was defaced with hate symbols (Daisy Calderon)

Vandals drew swastikas, the N-word and "Trump 2016" in the snow piled up on vehicles near Philadelphia's Temple University on Wednesday night.

According to TheTab.com, Temple junior Daisy Calderon was walking home in the early hours of Thursday morning when she noticed the snow graffiti.

“(E)very car along Montgomery had snow drawings on them, but they were mostly just stupid stuff,” Calderon said, but then a particular vehicle caught her eye.

It said "Ni**er" across the trunk and "Trump 2016" on the back windshield. Calderon snapped a photo and a second photo of a swastika drawn on the same car.

She posted the images to social media with a note that said, "Already exhausted and frustrated from finals, I saw something that genuinely bothered me to the core. I saw this car on the way home from the tech last night. I'm disgusted that anyone, for whatever reason, would do something like this."

Temple police are investigating the incident. A similar incident took place in February of 2016, when someone wrote swastikas and the N-word on another vehicle on campus.

Calderon's photos are embedded below: