Trump adviser tries to spin way out of stars shunning inauguration: 'We’re not putting on Woodstock'
Brooke Baldwin and Trump inaugural communications director Boris Epshteyn (CNN, screenshot)

President-elect Donald Trump has been having a rough time finding anyone to perform for his quickly-approaching inauguration ceremony on Jan. 20, 2017. The only talent his team has been able to secure thus far are a 16-year-old America’s Got Talent contestant and the Mormon Tabernacle.

Some stars who were approached to perform only to decline include Elton John, David Foster, John Legend, Garth Brooks, and Celine Dion. CNN's Brooke Baldwin had Presidential Inaugural Committee communications director Boris Epshteyn on her segment on Thursday afternoon to discuss the matter.

"Start naming names," Baldwin said. "Tell me who you have!"

"First of all, happy holidays, Merry Christmas, happy Hannukkah," Epshteyn started.  "As far as the inauguration goes, we are extremely excited. We've had a ton of great performers, entertainers, and Americans reaching out wanting to be part of it. And I can announce right now on your air that the Radio City Rockettes will be taking part in the inaugural events." The Rockettes are an iconic New York City dance troupe.

Baldwin replied, "I remember being a kid and going to Radio City and they're amazing. Let me ask you this, did you approach them? Did they approach you? What exactly will their role be at inauguration?"

"We're still determining exact specifics but they will be part of the inaugural balls, there may be something else," Epshteyn shared with Baldwin before getting into the "Donald J. Trump movement."

He said, "They are going to be a big part of the celebration of freedom and democracy, a uniting event whereby Donald J. Trump and the Trump movement move into Washington, D.C. and get to work, making sure Americans are safe at home and in their jobs."

Epshteyn talked a lot about the few performers that they had solidified and their role in celebrating America, democracy, and freedom.

"Now, Boris, I have to ask you. I can just hear people at home thinking, 'Great, the Rockettes and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.' Like, where are your big names? Where are the bigger stars? Do you have any reveals that you're keeping kind of close to the vest?"

In true Trump fashion, Epshteyn was unwilling to admit that maybe they were having trouble securing artists for the Trump inauguration. "You know, Brooke, I think that's a bit of a misguided approach," he said. "We're not putting on Woodstock, we're not putting on summer jam. We're putting on an inauguration."

Epshteyn then continued on a tangent about what the Trump administration has promised to get to work on, noting his Carrier deal, as well as discussions around Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Air Force One.

Baldwin asked who their top three artist picks would be, to which Ephsteyn responded that it's not about artists. The top three people he wants to see at inauguration are "Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump."

Watch the full clip below.