President-elect Donald Trump officially won the election on Monday, Dec. 19 after electors cast their votes. Trump won the electors fairly, and needing to get to 270 to win, he took 304 of the 538 total electors.

But now, even after winning over the Electoral College, Trump supporters are pushing a strange argument to defend his popular vote loss. With the final numbers in, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton beat Trump in the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. That doesn't matter, though.

According to Mediaite, Trump supporters are now pushing the argument that Clinton may have beat Trump by 2.8 million votes, but "Trump won by 3 million votes outside of California and New York."

Sure, if everyone got to pick and choose their states, then the outcome would obviously vary. But that argument doesn't make much sense. Sometimes you just can't win them all — for instance, a lot of Americans have lost as a result of the election.

J.D. Durkin at Mediaite writes:

There is quite simply no more foolish argument. Yeah, if we take away these 5.8 million American voters, then Trump wins in a landslide! It’s an upset of unpresidented unprecedented proportions!

You can not just simply decide to chop off two states in our union to try and make a silly point.

Durkin adds, if we're going to be reimagining the election results, how about thinking about it like this:

Final tally shows Trump lost popular vote by 2.8 million – but he REALLY GETS EMBARRASSED when you remove Oklahoma, Nebraska, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Trump won the election. He may be the president who lost by 3 million votes for the rest of American history, but he did win. No amount of tweeting about voter fraud, or popular vote math that excludes millions of voters, will change that lost the popular vote.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Trump won the election, regardless of whether it takes a hit at his pride that he lost by 3 million votes. He still won and the world must prepare.