For the majority of U.S. voters, there has been little to laugh about since Nov. 8.

If you need an invigorating dose of pleasure at the pain and misfortune of others, we at Raw Story's Voters Remorse desk would like to direct you to #Trumpgrets, a Tumblr site devoted to compiling the delicious salty tears of people who voted for President-elect Donald Trump and already regret it.

Yes, the former reality TV star has not even been voted into office by the Electoral College and already some of his supporters are angry that he's backing off his more extreme campaign promises like repealing Obamacare on his first day in office, building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico and rounding up undocumented workers and sending them to their home countries.

A corresponding Twitter campaign has sprung up called #Trumpgrets.

Here are a couple of tweets:

At the website, regretful Trump voters' comments have been compiled into posts:

Mmmmm, it's schadenfreudelicious! Enjoy.