Utah mom body shames teen in front of kids: 'Eat too much ice cream you’re going to look like her'
Justine Elwood (KTRK/screen grab)

Workers at Cold Stone Creamery in Layton, Utah are expressing support for a 19-year-old co-worker who was recently bullied by a customer because of the way she looks.

Justine Elwood, 19, told KTRK that she was serving a mother ice cream last week when she was body shamed over her weight.

"She was giving me dirty looks the whole time and it was kind of weird but I helped her and then she said a comment to her kids, something like, 'If you continue to eat too much ice cream you're going to look like her,' and I continued helping her, and that was it," Elwood recalled.

But the bullying didn't end there. According to KTRK, a review posted by the customer on Yelp called the teen "disgustingly obese."

"I have had a specifically unsatisfying experience the last few times we have come into the store," the woman wrote. "One of their female employees... is disgustingly obese, and each time we come in, although she does her job, and is very polite, instantly makes my appetite disappear."

Elwood returned to work for her first shift since the bullying and was welcomed with an outpouring of support.

"The community outpouring has been amazing," Elwood's mother Daphne Felley explained to KTRK. "It's just amazing to see people support somebody when they don't even know who she is."

As for Elwood, she said that bullying is something she's dealt with her entire life.

"It's never good to hear those things about yourself," she remarked. "You know, it definitely didn't make me feel good, for sure, but the community and stuff and all the support I've gotten from my employer and just from friends and coworkers has been amazing. It's been a good experience."

Watch the video report below.