Walmart’s online store pulls ‘Got Hitler?’ and 'Got R*tard?' mugs after facing backlash
"Got Hitler?" mug (screenshot,

Walmart's online store was selling "Got Hitler?" mugs in the style of the "Got Milk?" phrase on Monday until people started writing to the company to have them removed, Vocativ reported earlier this week.

According to the outlet, the Walmart and Amazon online stores both have third party vendors that are able to sell products of their own through the websites.

Walmart also had mugs on its website with the words "Got R*tard?" Customers were not happy and reached out to the company on social media to have the products removed.

The third party vendor, JM Holdings, was also responsible for a "Got Pepe?" mug, which was in reference to the once sad frog that has since been co-opted as a symbol of the alt-right, a name that has been embraced by white supremacist movements.

JM Holdings told Vocativ that the slogans on these mugs are not necessarily intentional, but are generated based on words in the dictionary. According to Fast Forward, that these slogans in particular are now being generated signifies a push toward an anti-politically correct culture and use of language.

Rather, that these are the types of slogans found on mugs connotes a growing market of far right consumers. On the other hand, a number of brands have pulled their advertising from websites that have been associated with this growing alt-right movement.

Namely, Kellogg's pulled its advertising from the alt-right media site, Breitbart in November. The company noted that because of its process of finding website on which to advertise — similarly to Amazon and Walmart's issues with third party vendors — it sometimes misses where it is advertising.

Kellogg's pulling its advertising, however, resulted in Breitbart calling for an all-out boycott of all of the company's products. If anything, this appears to signify, in some ways, a wedge that the alt-right is creating, even in consumption.