‘You’ve sold us out!’: Desperate Americans across the country protest Monday's electoral vote
Wisconsin demonstrator (Twitter)

As the country's 538 electors prepared to vote for president on Monday, Dec. 19, some demonstrators in various states were not ready to give up the fight.

Demonstrations were underway outside of Arizona's state capitol, Utah's capitol, in Massachusetts, in Wisconsin, California, Kentucky, and likely many other states. However, as Wisconsin's 10 electors cast their ballots for Donald Trump, demonstrations erupted in the state capitol.

In a video posted by Chicago Tribune reporter Bill Ruthhart, a demonstrator is seen and heard shouting "This is my America, this is my America!" Other demonstrators are heard yelling "Shame, shame, shame" repeatedly.

The woman then approaches the electors, shouting, "You've sold us out! Listen to your heart, listen to the facts!" She was quickly escorted out by police.

Similarly, in Utah, demonstrators entered the capitol where they shouted "Shame!" and "Treason!" as the state's six electoral votes went to Trump.

Protests recently kicked off outside the California Capitol, where demonstrators cheered and called for the elections to be fair.