Alex Jones 'serious' about stalking 'enemies': We're watching 'what type of Satanism they carry out'
Alex Jones loses it during VICE News Tonight interview (YouTube)

VICE News Tonight correspondent Michael Moynihan sat down with conspiracy theorist and InfoWars founder Alex Jones last week where the two discussed Jones' rise in media as a "conspiracy salesman."

Moynihan asked Jones why this is his moment in media. "The mainstream media just ignored and ignored and ignored, laughing at flyover country. The truth is, we've already taken the nation back psychologically many, many years ago," Jones said.

"All we do is study the enemy," he added. "We know who they are, where they vacation, how they operate, what their plans are, what type of Satanism they carry out."

When asked whether there was an "element of theatre" to Jones' broadcast, the conspiracy theorist said, "I mean everything I say, when I'm serious. And more and more, I'm serious probably 95 percent of the time." Moynihan laughed, "You're a pretty intense guy!" "I'm letting the dog off the leash," Jones explained. "I'm letting Mr. Hyde out."

Moynihan narrates, "When Jones isn't railing against the New World Order, he's plotting the overthrow of his other favorite hate object: The mainstream media." The two then take a look at one of Jones' whiteboards, which ranks news outlets from "independent" to "state-run" to "tyranny" based on his own idea of what each represents.

VICE appeared on the whiteboard in the less "free" category, compared to outlets run by the Kremlin. Jones said it was because he "found their stuff to be more based in reality."

"Are you f*cking serious?" Moynihan said with a laugh.

"We don't rise and fall with Trump," Jones said. "Now you're gonna see the next wave. Good luck with that."

Watch the full interview below via VICE News.