CNN covers historic Women's March with panel of eight men and one woman
CNN panel discusses the Women's March (screen grab)

CNN covered a worldwide Women's March on Saturday with a panel that included eight men and only one woman.

In what could be the largest political protest event in U.S. history, people across the country marched against President Donald Trump and in support of women's rights on Saturday.

But CNN host Don Lemon opened his 10 p.m. ET show by tackling the news with a panel dominated by men. In addition to Lemon, the panel included The Washington Post's David Swerdlick, historian Douglas Brinkley, Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord, CNN political analyst Mark Preston, author J.D. Vance, CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter and CNN correspondent Jim Sciutto.

About four minutes into the segment, CNN contributor Kirsten Powers, who was the lone female voice on the panel, was recognized to briefly speak.

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Jan. 22, 2016.