'Donald Trump is a baby!': Opposing brothers brawl on MSNBC over president's voter fraud paranoia
Dallas and Brad Woodhouse (Screengrab / MSNBC)

Brad Woodhouse, president of the progressive advocacy group Americans United for Change, sounded off against his brother, N.C. Republican Party executive director Dallas Woodhouse, on Thursday over President Donald Trump’s claim that “millions” voted illegally in the 2016 election.

Discussing Trump’s call for a “major investigation” into the U.S. electoral system, Dallas  argued Republicans have “seen voter fraud in North Carolina,” though he conceded it was “not widespread” in any way. The Republican brother insisted a review of the 2016 election is needed to “provide some confidence to the system … and increase security for our ballot system.”

“This made up, trumped up issue of voter fraud goes to the heart of democracy,” Brad shot back. “What Donald Trump is trying to do—first of all, Donald Trump is a baby. He wants to explain away the fact that he lost the popular vote, but it’s more insidious than that—he wants to trump this up—“

“Brad, are you trying to say there’s no voter fraud in America? No voter fraud?” Dallas interjected. “There’s fraud in churches, fraud in TV stations, fraud in the DMV, but somehow there’s not fraud in the American voting system. C’mon it’s laughable!”

Brad responded that while he believes nominal voter fraud may occur, it’s clear “there’s no fraud anywhere in America that affected the outcome of the 2016 election or any other national election.”

“That’s a standard we don’t accept in North Carolina,” Dallas replied.

North Carolina is the same state where, just last year, an appeals court struck down a GOP-led effort to enact new voter restrictions. In its ruling, the 4th circuit court said the bill targeted “African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

“Your efforts in North Carolina on ‘voter fraud’ were nothing more than a documented attempt to suppress the votes of African Americans and young people,” Brad told Dallas.

“That’s a lie!—“ Dallas shot back.

“You wrote a letter to the Country Boards of Elections telling them to suppress the votes of African Americans,” Brad explained.

“We didn’t tell them to suppress the vote at all,” Dallas insisted, rounding out his argument by telling Brad, “I still love you even though you’re deeply deeply wrong.”

Watch the brotherly exchange below, via MSNBC: