‘I don’t want to hear about the Russians’: Van Jones says Democrats lost 2016 all on their own
Van Jones talks to Seth Meyers about the 2016 election (Screen capture)

Former Obama administration official and CNN pundit Van Jones told Seth Meyers on Monday night that the Democratic Party needs to focus on the needs of poor Americans.

Mediaite.com reported that Jones believes the party's failure to do so cost it an election Democrats should easily have won against "orange nightmare" Donald Trump.

Jones' new CNN special The Messy Truth examines the lives of economically impoverished voters and their motivations for voting.

“So far, what you hear is: it was the Comey letter, it was the Russians, all this stuff,” Jones said regarding post-election finger pointing. “And that’s true. But she was running against an orange nightmare! She should have won by fifty states! I don’t want to hear about the Russians right now.”

“People didn’t feel that we know what it meant to be a coal miner, what it meant to be a Rust Belt worker. So, people didn’t feel the love,” he said.

Watch the video, embedded below: