Internet rips Trump speech over 'Batman' villain quote: 'At least Bane stood up to Wall Street’
Donald Trump and Baine (Photos: Screen captures)

In addition to mocking the anemic crowds at Donald Trump's dark, ominous inauguration, internet users noted that the incoming president may have cribbed parts of his speech from a highly unusual source.

Fans of the Batman franchise film The Dark Knight Rises were startled to hear the words of the movie villain Bane coming out of Republican Pres. Donald Trump's mouth as he made his inaugural address -- purportedly written by Trump himself -- on Friday.

"We're giving the power back to you. The people," Trump said Friday, a nearly verbatim quote from Christopher and Jonathan Nolan's screenplay for the 2012 film starring Christian Bale as Batman and Tom Hardy as Bane. quoted Twitter users who also noticed the similarities in the two speeches.

Other users noted the similarity, too: