'Make smallpox great again!': Internet gasps in horror as Trump sets up meeting with top anti-vaxxer
(Photo: Dan Fleckner / Shutterstock)

In the past, Donald Trump has expressed an interest in the false conspiracy theory that claims there is a link between vaccines and autism -- and now he's set up a meeting to talk with a top anti-vaxxer about it.

According to a schedule released by Trump's transition team on Tuesday, Trump has set up a meeting with anti-vaccinations activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to chat about the use of vaccines in the United States.

It's unknown at this point whether Trump will adopt any of Kennedy's policy ideas about public health, but given that Kennedy has played a major role in pushing the false claim that vaccines cause autism in children, many people from around the web expressed instant horror that Trump would even meet with him to discuss this particular topic.

Below are some choice reactions from Twitter users who are aghast at Trump's meeting with RFK, Jr.