NC lawmaker to women marchers: 'If brains were lard, you couldn't grease a small skillet'
Joyce Krawiec (YouTube)

North Carolina Republican state Sen. Joyce Krawiec expressed regret this week after lashing out at people who demonstrated at Saturday's Women's March.

“Message to crazies @ Women’s March -- If Brains were lard, you couldn’t grease a small skillet. You know who you are," Krawiec wrote in a message posted to Twitter, according to NC Policy Watch.

Krawiec later deleted the tweet and issued a partial apology.

“I apologize to those women who marched for right reasons," she insisted. "I was only talking about those I described. They didn’t speak for all women.”

“BTW I was only speaking of the DC protesters dressed inappropriately and spewing foul language. Disrespecting women. Not representing women”

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey (R) also came under fire this week for sharing a photo of marchers on Facebook.

“In one day, Trump got more fat women out walking than Michelle Obama did in 8 years,” a message accompanying the photo read.

Causey later said that his post "represented a momentary lapse in judgment on my part for which I am truly sorry.”