'President Snowflake': Internet points and laughs as Sean Spicer tells media to stop 'demoralizing' Trump
Sean Spicer (CNN)

On Monday, President Donald Trump's White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer held the first official news briefing of the Trump administration. Taking questions from a number of reporters, Spicer spoke about immigration actions and offering Skype seats to media who want to attend briefings from outside the beltway.

Spicer was on the defensive for much of the presser, particularly so after CNN's Jim Acosta — from whom Trump refused to take a question at a press conference earlier this month — asked why the Trump team was so wrapped up in the crowd size of his inauguration.

"You see this historic thing [the inauguration], it’s an amazing view," he said. "And that was for the first time that we had to go through fencing, that far out." The small turnout was in no small part due to Disrupt J20 actions, which blocked off entrances to inaugural events. Spicer said the media coverage of the Trump team "is always negative, and it’s demoralizing."

Here's what the Internet had to say about it: