Protester booted from Sessions confirmation for laughing at idea he treats 'all people equally'
A Code Pink protester is removed from Sen. Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing (Screen capture)

A protester at Tuesday's confirmation hearing for President-elect Donald Trump's Attorney General nominee was ejected from the room by guards after she laughed uproariously at the idea that Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) treats everyone equally. reported that a Code Pink protester was removed from the hearing after sitting Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby (R) testified that to his knowledge, Sessions has spent his legislative career "treating all people equally before the law."

As she was taken from the room, the woman loudly said, "You’re having me arrested? For what! For what!”

Sessions has a long track record of opposing civil rights in his home state of Alabama and at the national level. He opposes reform in drug sentencing laws to make them less racist. He is a longstanding and vocal opponent of same-sex marriage, abortions rights and marijuana decriminalization.

His confirmation hearing on Tuesday was interrupted multiple times by waves of protesters who are opposed to elevating someone with such regressive views to the rank of highest law enforcement officer in the land.

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