'Scumbag': Georgia GOP official enrages Facebook by calling John Lewis a 'racist pig'
Tommy Hunter, a Republican on the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners in Georgia.

Republicans are still slamming Rep. John Lewis  (D - GA) for questioning President-elect Trump's legitimacy -- and now one has gone so far as to accuse him of racism.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Tommy Hunter, a Republican member of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners, called Lewis a "racist pig" on his Facebook page over the weekend, while also questioning the congressman's own legitimacy.

"John Lewis's district is drawn to keep him in power," wrote Hunter of the civil rights icon. "His wins are all illegitimate. How can other reps be concerned about working with him."



Hunter has since deleted his posts about Lewis, although other Facebook users have been flooding his page with angry comments about his attack on one of the top civil rights leaders of his era.

"The comments you made about John Lewis are reprehensible," wrote one. "How in the hell people in Gwinette County could vote for a scumbag like you I don't know. You should immediately apologize to John Lewis."

"It is because of people lacking basic, decent, respect like you that we are now facing the oncoming sh*tstorm of Trump," wrote another. "If you don't resign, you'll be driven from office at the next election. We do not need people in office who disrespect true heroes. You will pay for this."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes that the district Hunter represents "covers a wide (and diverse) swath of southern and eastern Gwinnett, including parts of Snellville, Loganville, Grayson and Dacula," which means that he could be vulnerable to being ousted in his next election, as he only "narrowly" won reelection in 2016.