Seth Meyers consoles Trump over tiny crowd size: ‘You’re still the most popular president--since Obama’
Seth Meyers (Screengrab / NBC)

On Monday's Late Night, host Seth Meyers consoled Donald Trump over his objectively small inauguration crowd size, telling the newly-minted leader, “Don’t worry, you’re still the most popular president—since Obama.”

Comparing an image of Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration with former president Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration, Meyers joked the photos “look like shots from a Billy Joel concert before and after he played ‘Piano Man.’”

“Now we know Donald Trump doesn’t care that much about the sizes of things, especially crowds, so it was a little surprising to hear him complain about the media coverage,” Meyers said. The host then rolled footage of a “breathless” Trump ranting about his crowd size during a speech to CIA officials on Saturday.

Noting Trump did have some high-profile attendees, like NBC’s Al Roker, Meyers offered words of encouragement to Trump:

“Here’s the thing, Mr. President, it was a perfectly respectable crowd—full of people who love you and are excited you won. It’s just not a record breaking crowd. And it’s not your fault you had to follow [Barack Obama], people just really liked him. He won the electoral college and the popular vote.”

“You’re still the most popular president since Obama,” Meyers added.

Watch the video below, via NBC: