'That was a trainwreck' Five Stephen King quips that perfectly nail Trump's no good very bad week
Stephen King (Screenshot/YouTube)

In a brief week that has seen president-elect Donald Trump visit horror upon horror on the American public, noted horror-master Stephen King let his Twitter followers know that there is a monster among us.

And he takes office on January 20.

Wednesday, the popular book author couldn't help but revel in the Trump-Russian dossier story, despite evidence that its most salacious details are likely false and the increasingly nasty blowback Buzzfeed is getting for publishing the memos without verifying their content.

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Earlier, King had aired his consternation at American political life.

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King did have some kind words for outgoing President Barack Obama.

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It's not clear whether the following tweets were a response to the careening news cycle or Trump's press conference. Either way:

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