'This is a death sentence for me': Patients react in horror to GOP's late-night Obamacare repeal
A worried patient sits in a hospital bed (Shutterstock)

Republicans in the Senate took a major step toward repealing the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday night, while simultaneously voting down proposed amendments to make sure people with preexisting conditions could still get coverage.

On Thursday morning, many people who can only get health care thanks to the ACA took to Twitter to express their horror that the GOP is going full speed ahead with gutting the healthcare legislation without having anything close to an alternative that would keep them covered.

"As a breast cancer survivor, this is a death sentence for me," one woman tweeted at Rep. Keith Ellison (D -MN)  on Thursday.

And she wasn't alone, as many people who benefit from the ACA used the hashtag #SaveTheACA to tell the world about how they will literally die if they can't get access to health care once the ACA is gone.

Check out some of the top reactions below.