'Those Women are Liars': Stephen Colbert suggests alternate campaign slogans for Trump 2020
Stephen Colbert (Photo: Screen capture)

On Wednesday night, Late Show host Stephen Colbert ended his opening monologue by pointing out that Republican-elect Donald Trump has already chosen his campaign slogan for 2020.

"You can't start campaigning for re-election two days before you start the job you just campaigned for," Colbert said.

This may seem to be putting the cart ahead of the horse a bit, or as Colbert explained, "It's like if a recipe for friend chicken was, '1. Buy raw chicken. 2. Who wants seconds?'"

Trump revealed to the Washington Post that "Keep America Great" will be his re-elections slogan.

Colbert offered some helpful suggestions just in case "Keep America Great" doesn't pan out.

  • Make America Great Again (Again)
  • Those Women are Liars
  • Okay This Time We Really Are Going to Make America Great Again, I Swear
  • The Atomic Monsters Weren’t My Fault
  • Make America Again

And one that Colbert couldn't read because it was in Russian.

Watch the video, embedded below: