Trump knocks GOP for gutting 'unfair' ethics panel as their 'number one priority'
Donald Trump gives a thumbs-up sign (Shutterstock).

President-elect Donald Trump took a shot at his own party on Tuesday after news broke on Monday night that House Republicans had voted to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics.

On Twitter, Trump acknowledged that the office may be "unfair" to lawmakers, but he chided the party for seeming to make weakening the office its "number one priority."

Of course, this sort of reprimand is positively gentle by Trump's terms, as he didn't refer to any House GOP members as "corrupt" or "losers."

Trump's comments also came after top adviser Kellyanne Conway defended the GOP congressmen's decision on Tuesday morning by saying that lawmakers are being inundated by too many anonymous complaints.

And anyone hoping that Trump will be a champion of the OCE will be disappointed to learn that Trump spokesman Sean Spicer says that Trump is only talking about Congress's decision to prioritize gutting the board, note the decision to weaken it itself.