‘Turns out being president is complicated’: Granholm schools Jeff Lord over Trump’s bumbling presidency
Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Jeffrey Lord (CNN/Screengrab)

On “Anderson Cooper 360” Monday, Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm schooled CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord over the new administration’s hasty executive order restricting travel from several predominantly Muslim counties, pointing out that Donald Trump is learning the hard way that “being president is a really complicated thing.”

Discussing State Department officials’ objecting to Trump’s Muslim ban, Lord tried to argue the real problem is a “bureaucracy that, over decades” has “mushroomed here to the point where they think they’re here forever.”

“Is that really what’s going on here?” Cooper pushed back. “Or is it that not enough people were actually consulted who should have been?”

Granholm, a Canadian-American citizen, did not take Lord’s assertion lightly, noting that Trump’s performance shows he had “no idea” how to run the U.S. government.

“Turns out, you know what, being president is a really complicated thing,” Granholm began. “And you have to rely on the experts in making your steps because you have no idea, as a business guy coming in … that this is going to be an analogous experience to running an entire government which is the most powerful position in the world.”

Granholm noted Trump’s Muslim ban has our “greatest allies coming back” at us and his promise to build a wall has “pissed off Mexico.”

“The whole thing is caving in,” Granholm, before delivering a final blow to Trump: “Turns out you could have done this better if you had been a better manager,” she said.

Watch the video below, via CNN: