Van Jones: Trump's speech shows he wants to make America as 'petty' and 'small' as he is
CNN's Van Jones (image via screengrab).

CNN panelist Van Jones had a very strong reaction to President Trump's inaugural address -- and he was not very impressed with it.

During a panel discussion with Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord, Jones said the speech was an indication that Trump was going to make the United States government an extension of his own personality, warts and all.

"To the world he now says, the United States is now a radically ordinary country," Jones explained. "We will be petty, we will be small. We're focused on our own interests, and we're abandoning now that 'City on the Hill' position that Reagan talked about."

Jones conceded that Trump's speech was "very patriotic," but noted it was a far different kind of patriotism than the one Americans have traditionally embraced.

"It's a patriotism unrecognizable, I think, to the world, to the left, to the right," he said. "And I don't know where it leads us, but I think the world is now adrift."

Check out the whole clip below.