WATCH: John Oliver sends up 'Game of Thrones' in hilarious Season 4 promo
John Oliver and the Throne of Swords (Screen capture)

"In 2017, HBO's biggest Sunday night show returns," says the voice-over at the beginning of the promo for Season 4 of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

The camera glides in over the iconic Throne of Swords from the series Game of Thrones.

But then, John Oliver steps out from behind the spiky edifice and says, "Oh, wait. Oh, I'm sorry. You meant..."

"Yeah, not you," the narrator replies.

Oliver steps off set and into another, which turns out to be the set for HBO's comedy series Silicon Valley, where Kumail Nanjiani tells him to get lost.

"We don't really want an Englishman yelling at us about how the world is ending for a whole hour," Nanjiani says.

"Wait, it's a half-hour show," Oliver reminds him.

"It doesn't feel like it," Nanjiani says.

A run-in with Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David follows, who says people are a lot more excited for his show, which is returning after five years, not just a few weeks.

Regardless, John Oliver returns on Feb. 12.

Watch the video, embedded below: