A retired Army Colonel was arrested in the Capitol on Tuesday for interrupting and protesting the Senate confirmation hearing of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for the position of attorney general.

Per Jezebel, Ret. Col. Ann Wright, who resigned from her position at the State Department in 2003 to protest the Iraq War, interrupted Sessions's confirmation hearing and declared her objections not just to his nomination, but to President Donald Trump's policies in general.

"I say no to Jeff Sessions, no to hatred, not to racism, not to the ban on refugees," said the 70-year-old retired Colonel before being grabbed by Capitol security officers.

As the officers tried to remove her from the chamber, she shouted out in pain.

"I’ll go out but you don’t need to drag me," said Wright, who was donned in full Code Pink gear. "I’ve got a hip replacement. I’m 70 years old and I can make it out on my own."

Watch the video of Wright's arrest below.