CNN screaming match erupts as Ana Navarro battles ex-Bush official over investigating Michael Flynn
(Screengrab, CNN/ YouTube)

Political strategist Ana Navarro joined CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday afternoon, along with Matt Schlapp, the political director under former President George W. Bush. Navarro and Schlapp exchanged words about White House controversies regarding the resignation of General Michael Flynn and the Trump administration's relationship with Russia.

However, the conversation quickly escalated into a screaming match between the two, which Baldwin had trouble reining in. Navarro argued in favor of an investigation into the administration's Russia ties, noting, "We have a president who has given us moral equivalency with [Putin]" she started, as Schlapp told her, "stop, stop."

"No, don't tell me to stop!" she shot back, as the two proceeded to shout over one another.

"You can yell all you want," Schlapp shouted at Navarro who shouted back, "You're the one yelling at me!"

"You're talking to the wrong girl, Matt. You're talking to the wrong girl." she said. "You're not gonna stop me, baby."

Baldwin later chimed in, closing the segment with "Hey, happy Valentine's Day, guys!"

Watch the full clip below.