'Do we have to be cruel?': Olbermann eviscerates Trump's Muslim ban for blocking 4-month-old Iranian girl
Keith Olbermann (Twitter)

Keith Olbermann's latest segment touched on President Donald Trump's executive order barring travelers and immigrants from seven majority Muslim countries, which has seen significant backlash in the weeks since its release.

Olbermann spoke specifically of the case of four-month-old Fatemeh Reshad, whose family had planned to travel to Oregon from Iran for an emergency heart surgery but were told they would no longer be legally allowed to enter the country due to Trump's travel ban. On Friday, Feb. 3, 2017, the family received an emergency waiver and Reshad is expected to receive the procedure in New York pro bono from a team of pediatric cardiac doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital, the Guardian reported.

Olbermann shared Fatemah's story and asked proponents of the Muslim travel ban, "What kind of threat could she be to you? And what would you do to save her life?"

"Do we have to be cruel?" he asked, commenting on the fact that the four-month-old was "banned in your name and mine." He asked, "How many other Fatemahs are there among the 60,000 or more who had their visas revoked, and how many more might there be?"

Watch the full clip below.