Eric Trump just cost taxpayers $97,830 in hotel bills for a corporate Trump jaunt in Uruguay
Eric Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's son Eric traveled to Uruguay for part of a Trump Organization promotional trip that resulted in almost $100,000 in hotel rooms for Secret Service and embassy staff.

The Washington Post reported Friday that Trump was in the country to "mingle with real estate brokers" while he was enjoying the beach and attending "ultra exclusive" parties.

It's just the latest example of the financial concerns for the Trump family using government influence and perks for non-government purposes. Government agencies are forced to foot the bill for business operations for the Trump Organization that help "enrich" the president, his family and the Trump brand. The Emoluments Clause specifically prohibits any leader from using government services for that purpose.

The trip was a mere two days but racked up hotel rooms totally $88,320 with an additional $9,510 for embassy staff tasked with "supporting" the Secret Service detail for the "VIP visit," The Post found in purchase orders.

The use of public funds came from the State Department but when The Post reached out to them about the funding they were told to contact the White House.

Having security isn't unheard of for immediate family members of presidents. Chelsea Clinton and the two Obama daughters, for example, have their own security details. Former Secret Service director Ralph Basham explained that the service doesn't have a choice when it comes to how they do protection details and how much it costs.

A 2014 tweet from Donald Trump revealed the confession that if he ran for president and won, his friends would be the only ones who wouldn't be "screwed."

The Uruguay development might bear the family name but the Punta del Este project isn't owned by the family.