John Oliver nails Trump's shaky grip on reality: 'He is making real policy out of fake facts'
John Oliver (HBO)

In his first episode of "Last Week Tonight" following a weeks-long hiatus, John Oliver blasted President Donald Trump, and the counterfactual world the former reality TV star seems to inhabit, in a segment called "Truth vs. Trump."

"We have a president capable of standing in the rain, and saying it was a sunny day," Oliver said.

As president, Oliver said, Trump seems to get most of his information from cable news or "frighteningly unreliable sources" such as Breitbart News -- the right-wing website once helmed by his chief White House strategist -- or Alex Jones' InfoWars.

"He is making real policy out of fake facts," Oliver said.

"In the 412 years since he became president," Oliver said, many people have developed a crippling fear of what will come next in the news cycle.

"It has been so busy that it's gotten to where the most terrifying sound is your phone buzzing with a news alert," Oliver said. "I hate to say this, but I actually found myself at one point saying, 'Oh, thank God. It's just that Mary Tyler Moore is dead. Oh, that is a massive relief.'"

Trump, he said, recently held up a printout of a Breitbart News story to make a point, which Oliver likened to trying to make a phone call on a banana.

Watch the video, embedded below: