John Oliver: Trump's crazy week has been like watching someone 'shoot firecrackers out of their a**'
John Oliver (HBO)

Like many who watched Pres. Donald Trump's rally in Melbourne, FL on Saturday, John Olver was confused about the purported Friday night terror attack in Sweden.

As Oliver noted, however, Trump tweeted on Saturday that he'd mistaken a Tucker Carlson segment on Fox News for a report about a terror attack.

"So, sifting through Trump's brain so see why he said something is now like examining a shark's stomach to see what it ate," Oliver said.

In a week where Kim Jong Un's half brother was murdered in a phony TV prank, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May grimaced and scowled her way through a meeting with children, Trump managed to dominate the headlines with his ham-handed approach to diplomacy and wild and unhinged press conferences.

"You can't avoid talking about him," Oliver said. "In the past week alone, he has designated the media as enemy of the people, put an EPA-hating nominee at the head of the EPA, lost his nominee for Labor Secretary and his national security adviser and signed a bill undoing Barack Obama's protections waterways from coal mining waste."

"Nothing sums up Trump's week better than his batsh*t-crazy press conference on Thursday," said Oliver, including the exchange with reporter April Ryan where Trump asked her if she's friends with the Congressional Black Caucus.

"The man is incredible because what hits you first there is the racism of assuming that all black people are friends," Oliver said, "but then it's not until later that you really appreciate the sexism of thinking that all women are there to perform secretarial tasks for you. The guy packs so much into so little."

The press conference, Oliver said, was "so unhinged" that most reporters could only sit back and say, "Wow."

That's right, Oliver said, the presidential press conference has elicited the same response people would give to "watching someone shoot firecrackers out of their arse."

Which is fitting in a way, he said.

"When Trump speaks, what is but random sparks and flames sputtering noisily out of a damaged arsehole?" Oliver said.

Watch the video, embedded below: